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Ahhh. New Orleans in the summer time…what comes to mind? Hot. Rain, and then more rain. And more heat. That basically sums it up right?! We don’t do many weddings during this part of the summer because honestly it’s just hot, oh and dare I even say hurricanes? Yeah, that too. So always around this […]

I’ve said this so many times before, I know! So I definitely sound like a broken record at this point, but I can’t help it! We have THE BEST couples for clients, like in the entire world. There, I said it!! Seriously though, time after time again when we get to officially meet our clients […]

I think there may need to be an award for couples who take engagement portraits and get married over the summer her in New Orleans! I mean that takes a trooper because it is H.O.T.! Even thought is was hot & humid we had an absolute blast with these cuties for their engagement session this […]

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow…basically my thoughts when I think about this engagement sesh! Gosh, portrait sessions in the spring just have my heart forever! Seriously. The glowy light, the super green grass and trees, the blooming flowers and trees, I could really go on and on! Oh AND add the cutest couple of all time […]

You’re probably thinking to yourself, what an odd name for a blog entry? Well, let me explain! You see in New Orleans we actually have a ‘fifth’ season right in between winter and spring, called ‘spring(ish)’. It’s the time of year where one day it is straight up gorgeous weather and sunny, and then the […]

I am SO thankful the weather pulled through for this session with these two cuties, Laura & Joesph! We planned for an early morning session due to the time of year, the French Quarter can get SO crowded depending on the time of year. We lucked out with not many people in the Quarter however […]

Alright guys, hold the phones. SERIOUSLY. We just need to take a moment for a round of applause for Angel’s sequin gown that I am still obsessing over! Daniel & I have known Angel & Ian for quite some time, so we were over the moon to be a part of this special season for […]

Every Tuesday I look forward to pressing ‘publish’ on a brand new blog, but today is extra exciting for me! Engagement season is in full swing, lots of proposals happening, as well as actual engagement sessions since the weather is so perfect! Although I love working our actual weddings, there is something so wonderful about […]

Sometimes in life, you meet someone, and you’re like OKAY WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS ASAP. This past week when we got to meet our sweet couple, Nicole & Tom, for the first time that was basically my first thought! We LOVED our time with you both and seriously┬ácan’t wait for the big day! Where […]

Ashleigh & Jeff, I have to tell you both something. Your engagement session basically made all of my dreams come true. Okay, so I still haven’t met Joanna Gaines & I don’t own a coffee shop yet (I dream really, REALLY big obvi), but STILL, basically all of my dreams are now complete… I have […]

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