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The life of a wedding photographer may seem so intriguing to some! It’s my life, my passion, my expertise and today i thought I would share with you the answers to the top five questions I get asked…A LOT! So lets get to it! What kind of camera & lenses do you shoot with? I […]

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Tomorrow I’ll be turning 27, it’s my birthday! Aside from being excited this week to celebrate my actual birthday, I’ve been spending some time really thinking about this past year and what it means to me.  If you’re like me, most birthdays come and go and then you move on with your life. I am […]

The one thing I KNOW to be true about a wedding reception is that *basically* everyone wants one thing: for their guests to have fun, and lots of it! Whether you have a band or a DJ the majority of your guests will find themselves on the dance floor at some point during your wedding […]

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It’s a *little* crazy to think that I’ve been photographing weddings FULL-TIME now for going on three years! Yes, I photographed many before I went full-time, but it’s still a crazy thought to me that this full-time, work from home, best job in the world has been mine for almost a full three years now! […]

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow…basically my thoughts when I think about this engagement sesh! Gosh, portrait sessions in the spring just have my heart forever! Seriously. The glowy light, the super green grass and trees, the blooming flowers and trees, I could really go on and on! Oh AND add the cutest couple of all time […]

It’s been a few weeks now since Gabrielle has become a MRS. and I am so excited to finally blog some of my favorite from her beyond gorgeous bridal session! Race & Religious is one of my favorite locations for portrait sessions because I absolutely love the coloring and the variety it offers my clients! […]

You’re probably thinking to yourself, what an odd name for a blog entry? Well, let me explain! You see in New Orleans we actually have a ‘fifth’ season right in between winter and spring, called ‘spring(ish)’. It’s the time of year where one day it is straight up gorgeous weather and sunny, and then the […]

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SO many things come to mind as I sit here and type this blog! This was our last wedding in our early Spring ‘busy season’, a total of five weddings in the span of seven weeks and we couldn’t have imagined a better couple to end that stretch with! We’ve been excited for this day […]

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Wow. What a beyond lucky photographer I am, blessed beyond measure honestly. I don’t know what we did in life to deserve such amazingly kind and wonderful people as clients, but all I can say is WOW! This season of life has been busy, wedding after wedding for the past few weekends now for us. […]

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What a perfect day, perfect wedding, and perfect celebration for this perfect couple! As I sit here just two days after this wedding to type this blog, I am immensely overwhelmed with gratitude for this day and Nicole & Tom! I love capturing gorgeous pictures, it is truly a passion, but I know that pictures […]

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