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Ahhh. New Orleans in the summer time…what comes to mind? Hot. Rain, and then more rain. And more heat. That basically sums it up right?! We don’t do many weddings during this part of the summer because honestly it’s just hot, oh and dare I even say hurricanes? Yeah, that too. So always around this […]

One of the coolest things about my job are all the amazing people I get to meet! People in love, people getting marries, family members, bridal parties…and couples celebrating a milestone!! Allison & Jason are from Texas, and when I heard they wanted some true French Quarter portraits I just knew we were going to […]

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I know, I know, I know. You’re reading this thinking, wait what. She’s writing a blog on Disney? Seems kind of odd I know. But the reality is that we just got back from our family Disney vacation and it was basically perfection! I did so much research and prep work before we went, for […]

I’ve said this so many times before, I know! So I definitely sound like a broken record at this point, but I can’t help it! We have THE BEST couples for clients, like in the entire world. There, I said it!! Seriously though, time after time again when we get to officially meet our clients […]

A little over one week ago Keri became a MRS. and every minute of it was absolute perfection! Now that she’s officially married I can finally share her beyond gorgeous bridal session we did a few months ago, I am OBSESSED with it!! I had never seen their wedding venue, The Greystone, in person before […]

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This past weekend wrapped up our Summer wedding season, and WOW is all I can say! We could not have imagined a better couple to end this season with, we have loved working with Keri & Nick these past months, I knew immediately when I met with Keri that she was our kind of bride […]

Megan became a MRS. just a little over a week ago, butttt she also became my cousin!! EKK! Currently she’s relaxing on a beach in Hawaii and having a BLAST honeymooning with her new hubs! I am so excited to finally share her beyond gorgeous bridal portrait session! Although Meg just ‘officially’ became a part […]

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If I am being honest, there is a part of me thats beyond excited to share this blog…but then there is also a part of me that’s sad. Not like ‘sad’ because I’m sharing the blog of this gorgeous wedding, but sad that it’s over. You see, these two cuties are our COUSINS and we […]

I think there may need to be an award for couples who take engagement portraits and get married over the summer her in New Orleans! I mean that takes a trooper because it is H.O.T.! Even thought is was hot & humid we had an absolute blast with these cuties for their engagement session this […]

Ahhhh. One of my favorite things is a good black and white portrait, but not because it’s *just* black and white. As someone who LOVES pop in colored portraits, having that true to color feeling but also the feel of light and bright, I also love a good black and white portrait! I was shooting […]

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