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Behind the Scenes of 2018 AKA the most unflattering and awkward photos of myself and Daniel behind the scenes doing what we do! This is one of our hands down favorite posts of the year for sure; double chins, awkward faces, and all! Hey, who doesn’t have a double chin every once in a while?? […]

Alright guys, hold the phones. SERIOUSLY. We just need to take a moment for a round of applause for Angel’s sequin gown that I am still obsessing over! Daniel & I have known Angel & Ian for quite some time, so we were over the moon to be a part of this special season for […]

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2018 has come and gone, and now it’s time to celebrate 2019 in the BEST way! Reminiscing on our past year full of Engagement & Bridal Portrait Sessions and Weddings full of love and joy! 2018 was SO good to us and our business, we’ve been truly blessed with the best couples to work with, […]

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Dear Daniel, Another year older, another year of life, another year of marriage, but most importantly another year of doing life with YOU. I feel like the past year has gone by in a blink of an eye, don’t you? Time just really needs to slow down! This past year has been filled with so […]

Well you saw her gorgeous wedding blog last week, and now that Lisa is finally a MRS. I can share her gorgeous bridal portrait session! It has been so hard to keep these portraits a secret, they are GORGEOUS so it was really hard! The day of Lisa’s bridals, the sun was shining bright and […]

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Lisa & Seth, where do I even begin with you two? Gosh, we have so loved our time working with you both and will miss you tons! I guess like any good story, we should start at the beginning! When we sat down with Lisa & Seth over a year ago to hear about their […]

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I know what you’re thinking, WOAH girl two blog in one week? Well as we get closer to Christmas it’s just gonna happen, it has to! I have too much fun stuff to share before the year is over! This weekend we have our very last wedding of 2018 and I’m like WHERE DID THE […]

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This is a super fun blog for me since we travel a lot! It’s quite funny actually, Daniel & both LOVE to travel in fact this year alone we went to Ohio, Chicago, Fort Morgan, New York, & Fairhope! However even though we love to travel, we always joke about how much we love coming […]

Pinterest. We all LOVE it. We all scroll and pin aimlessly on it, right? I have dozens & dozens of boards ranging from crockpot recipes, makeup idea, and house decor. Mostly pins that I never bake, cook, do, or buy, but still they are there for me when I want to see them! It’s awesome, […]

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As I sit down to type this blog, it just doesn’t feel real. I have been a full-time, work from home wedding photographer for TWO years now. Although Studio Lund started long before then, I was working an additional part-time job, it was always my dream to become a full-time, work for myself photographer since […]

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