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Wow. What a beyond lucky photographer I am, blessed beyond measure honestly. I don’t know what we did in life to deserve such amazingly kind and wonderful people as clients, but all I can say is WOW! This season of life has been busy, wedding after wedding for the past few weekends now for us. […]

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What a perfect day, perfect wedding, and perfect celebration for this perfect couple! As I sit here just two days after this wedding to type this blog, I am immensely overwhelmed with gratitude for this day and Nicole & Tom! I love capturing gorgeous pictures, it is truly a passion, but I know that pictures […]

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What a fun time of year to get married!! These two cuties not only had a wedding reception to celebrate their new marriage, they also had Mardi Gras parades! Seriously what could be more fun and more New Orleans than watching a Mardi Gras parade from your hotel as you get ready for your own […]

One of my favorite things about New Orleans is the diversity amongst us, in landscape and locations! If you look really hard in our beloved city you can find locations that look like farms, Narnia, and even secret gardens like this session! New Orleans has a wonderful urban feel in the city, but there’s so […]

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Oh what a night!! That is exactly what comes to mind when I think back to this weekends wedding of Francesca & Dalton! What a truly perfect day for the sweetest couple around, even the weather was perfect! In New Orleans you honestly never know what the weather will do, especially this time of year! […]

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One thing is for sure, this blog excites me…but also scares me. Why you ask? Well, just the nature of this blog is intimidating honestly. We started Studio Lund years ago, it was a dream before it was reality, then quickly became our reality, then it became a success and BAM I was home full-time […]

I am SO thankful the weather pulled through for this session with these two cuties, Laura & Joesph! We planned for an early morning session due to the time of year, the French Quarter can get SO crowded depending on the time of year. We lucked out with not many people in the Quarter however […]

Dear Bride-to-Be, I know your probably eyes deep in wedding planning, as well as swimming in the excitement and the joy that comes with planning a wedding as well (and a little bit of stress if we are being honest…)! I wanted to take a few moments to give you some words of advice, not […]

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Behind the Scenes of 2018 AKA the most unflattering and awkward photos of myself and Daniel behind the scenes doing what we do! This is one of our hands down favorite posts of the year for sure; double chins, awkward faces, and all! Hey, who doesn’t have a double chin every once in a while?? […]

Alright guys, hold the phones. SERIOUSLY. We just need to take a moment for a round of applause for Angel’s sequin gown that I am still obsessing over! Daniel & I have known Angel & Ian for quite some time, so we were over the moon to be a part of this special season for […]

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