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A Color Filled Engagement Session: Lindsey & Roy


Ahhh. New Orleans in the summer time…what comes to mind? Hot. Rain, and then more rain. And more heat. That basically sums it up right?! We don’t do many weddings during this part of the summer because honestly it’s just hot, oh and dare I even say hurricanes? Yeah, that too. So always around this time of year we have a nice little break, which is nice because we normally have a handful of newly engaged couples ready for their engagement session, it works out perfectly! This summer has been the summer of RAIN honestly. I have had to re-schedule multiple times for some couples due to storms during the day and bad weather, which is okay it happens! However for Lindsey & Roys session we thought we would be in the clear, there wasn’t any rain in the forecast! On my way into the city for the session, I saw it. The black rain clouds and pouring rain I was literally headed towards, my heart just sank. Normally when the chance for rain is bad, we reschedule because why risk having your session ruined? However their session was literally starting soon, honestly the rain came out of nowhere. So we monitored it and the minute it stopped we started and man, I worked FAST! I had no idea how long we would have before it rained again, and even IF it would rain again! The sky was still gloomy, but we had no other option but to just go for it! All in all, it all worked out great! We didn’t have much sun, except for about ten minutes 3/4s into the session. Because of that, I had to be very strategic with my location selections! Locations I would have used on a bright sunny day would be very different than some of the locations I used on this gloomier day with not much sun, it’s all about the light! Despite the rain and HEAVY humidity, these two totally CRUSHED their session and made it a breeze! We all had a blast!

One of the best things about my job as a wedding photographer are the relationships I have with our clients! So when one of our couples is actually family, it’s basically double the fun! Roy is actually a cousin of mine and we couldn’t be more excited for him and his sweet fiancĂ©, Lindsey! The funny thing is that I think most people take a while to get used to the idea of someone joining their family, even extended family like in our case. However that certainly is not the case for us! We already think of Lindsey as family because she really is a part of our family already, however the wedding will make it *official*! There are really no words to express how happy I am for my cousin Roy & Lindsey. These two both deserve the world and the utmost happiness, and they find that happiness within each other! Nothing makes me happier than to see my loved ones, and those close to me, HAPPY. I think God knew exactly what he was doing when he brought Lindsey into Roys life, she was exactly what Roy needed in life. I guess I can say that since I’m family, but know I say that out of nothing but love for these two cuties. Our family is lucky to have such a strong and loving woman be joining the family, we are so blessed. The happiness that these two bring to each others lives is so fierce and immense, it’s incredible to witness. So much love for these two, I am at a loss of words for how happy I am for them both!!

Heading into their session, I knew these two were going to crush it! I just had a feeling! There is something about a person not being ‘too sure’ about the session, it’s usually the guy, that really gets me pumped. Because my number one goal is always to have our couple have FUN, if that doesn’t happen then I didn’t do my job right! Luckily, our couples always have fun! Including these two! By the end of the session they were both all smiles, laughter, and feeling confident as hell! Heck, these two were crushing advanced posing ten minutes into their session! PROS I tell you! Lindsey was absolutely glowing the entire session, happiness sure does look good on her! And doesn’t Roy have the sweetest smile?! These two, I just love them! We had a blast with them both, and the bbq after the session was just icing on the cake because HOLY YUM!

Roy & Lindsey, thank you for entrusting your big day and memories with us! It is such an honor to work with you both, and fun! We love that our job allows us to work with some of our favorite cousins! It is such a gift for us to work with you both during this special time in your lives, enjoy every moment! The big day will be here soon! As you scroll through this blog we hope you enjoy this awesome couple as much as we do!


Julieanne Lund


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