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A NOLA Anniversary Session: Allison & Jason


One of the coolest things about my job are all the amazing people I get to meet! People in love, people getting marries, family members, bridal parties…and couples celebrating a milestone!! Allison & Jason are from Texas, and when I heard they wanted some true French Quarter portraits I just knew we were going to have a B-L-A-S-T…and I was right! Allison is also a photog and her hubby, Jason, and her are just the cutest! We opted for a morning session since the quarter can be so crowded during the summer months, so we basically ended up having the entire French Quarter to ourselves! #WINNING!!! These two cuties woke up super early like the champs they are, braved the heat and humidity, and STILL look like absolute perfection!

I had an absolute blast with Allison & Jason for their session, I love sessions with out of towners because it lets me play tour guide as well! I could talk NOLA all day, really! These two love the city so much and NOLA holds a special place in their hearts, I love it! I forgot how special New Orleans is sometimes, I know that sounds awful. But I think because I DO live here at times I forget, or take for-granted, how special and unique New Orleans is! I guess when you’ve lived here your whole life, the uniqueness and ‘flavorfulness’ of NOLA just seems normal. As I get older though I realize more and more how wonderful the city is and how special it is, I truly do love living here! Allison & Jason get an *A PLUS* from me on the touristy level because these two ate at allllll the good places and did all the fun things the city has to offer! When I found out they hadn’t had beignets yet, I told them they MUST! I was happy to hear later on how much they loved them!!

One of the best things about working with a fellow photog other than it being a HUGE compliment for myself, because hello she’s an amazing photog!! It’s that they were TOTAL and beyond pros!! Of course they were!! It was fun to walk around and chat about coloring, framing, and posing together…photog lingo! I feel like sometimes I bore those around me with my ‘tech talk’ at times, so it was fun to have a new photog friend to gush about technical terms with! I had such a great time with Allison & Jason and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their session as much as we do!


Julieanne Lund



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