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My Disney Survival Kit: Summer Edition


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I know, I know, I know. You’re reading this thinking, wait what. She’s writing a blog on Disney? Seems kind of odd I know. But the reality is that we just got back from our family Disney vacation and it was basically perfection! I did so much research and prep work before we went, for a number of reasons, and all of that really paid off because Daniel & I were so prepared and just had the best time! Now regardless if I would’ve prepared as much as I did or not, we would’ve still had an awesome time! If there is one thing I love most during the year it would be family vacations! I love traveling with just Daniel, and traveling in general, but really going on a family vacation is just the best! We made so many memories and it is certainly a trip we will remember forever! However, preparing and doing my research AHEAD of time on the things I absolutely needed to make our trip perfect really did pay off! So today I am sharing my top Disney survival kit, summer edition! Extra emphasis on the summer because ohhhh boyyyy it can be hot!! Some of these items have my affiliate link attached to the, just a heads up! Feel free to search and purchase on your own, or use my links! 🙂 I know some people have mixed feelings about affiliate links, so feel free to totally bypass them! Some of these items I purchased on Amazon, so I wanted to link them here for your convenience and for ease of searching!! These are all products I love and use personally, I would never recommend something I didn’t LOVE!

  1. Hydrapeak 67oz. Insulated Water BottleOkay, this is number 1 becasue honestly it was BOMB to have this! Daniel & I both drink a ton of water, and it is ultra important to stay hydrated while in the heat all day! The last thing we wanted was to be looking all around for water of constantly filling up a small bottle for each of us. So we went with this and shared it! It stayed in our backpack and we filled it up two to three times a day, and we were hydrated as ever! WORTH IT. Also no leaks at all with this and the water was ice cold all day, you can’t beat the price!!
  2. Sketchers Ultra Flex Trainers These bad boys kept my feet feeling a-okay with nonstop walking and standing in the parks for 5 days! I did wear mine with socks for some extra comfort, and they did me good! These are now an absolute favorite shoe of mine now! Memory foam AND air-cooled technology? SIGN ME UP. Cool or not, I am here for comfy shoes!
  3. Australian Gold X-Treme Sport Spray Gel SunscreenI don’t know about you, but I hate sunscreen. With a burning passion. Like I hate the way it feels, it smells, how it leaves me greasy feeling. So because of that I always feel like I’m looking for new sunscreen…until now! I randomly picked up this brand since it was Paba free, and totally love the ease of putting it on with the spray gel aspect of it, but how it doesn’t leave me greasy and gross feeling! It smells like a dream too, love it!! This is now my go-to sunscreen! I’ll be stocking up on this brand before our beach trip next month!! They have some versions that are not ‘sport’ branded, but I think I’ll stick with this one because it just worked and felt so good!
  4. Make Up Forever Blurring Skin Tint w/ SunscreenOkay, this stuff is the real deal! I knew I would want to put a little something on my face to good about pictures and such. Hey, don’t judge, to each their own!! So I grabbed this after hearing how light feeling it was, and seriously it was! Didn’t even feel like I had anything on my face! I finished it off with a tiny bit of translucent powder, some bronzer, brow gel (brow gal is my fav), mascara, and highlighter. BOOM. Done in under 5 mins and felt like nothing on my face! Didn’t burn at all, never reapplied it during the day, and felt great!! A new favorite product!
  5. Go Macro Bars & Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen

    As someone who has some pretty strict dietary restrictions these days, no gluten dairy or eggs, I knew I needed to my research to feel prepared food wise! Disney is actually AWESOME when it comes to food allergies and took care of me 100% at every restaurant, but I was happy I packed some emergency snacks and my Matcha/collagen for the morning as well! Having some bars on me allowed me to not panic when I needed to eat but couldn’t find a snack I could have. I don’t drink coffee these days, I am a Matcha girl through and through so having this every morning really kept me feeling good, and the collagen is a daily staple for me as well so BONUS! The link here is for the tub of Vital Protein Matcha Collagen that I use daily, GAME CHANGER!!

  6. Old Navy Run Shorts Dolphin 3-in SeamOkay, another item you’re probably like really?? I get it. It seems so basic! These are my favorite shorts to run and workout in, so breathable and lightweight…and CHEAP!! I am talking like $10 on sale! I grabbed a few extra pairs so I had a pair everyday to wear, and they were awesome! Never wet from sweat (or water rides) and so breathable and cute!! Comfort is so key on a trip like Disney, as well as not being hot…so these were awesome!
  7. Body Glide For HerAdding this to the list of things I thought I would never talk about on my blog…but you know what? I am going for it! So chaffing, it sucks. I learned about chaffing with running in the humidity and heat and luckily this stuff is a staple for me for summer runs, and it SAVED me in Disney too! For girls who have experienced this, you know how quickly chaffing can ruin something and make you miserable! So with shorter shorts, it is a necessity for me! Five days walking around in Disney in the humidity and heat, with NO chaffing or pain…I would say that’s a solid success! I only really use it on my thighs, but I have lots of runner friends who use it anywhere they experience some rubbing from their clothes, it’s awesome!
  8. Last but not least…A GOOD ATTITUDE

It’s going to be hot, there are going to be lines, there are children everywhere…but it truly is the happiest place on earth! I think so many of our friends warned us about the heat, and the lines and commotion everywhere that we were so prepared to have all of that bother us. But it really didn’t, partly because we were so prepared and partly because it really is the best place on earth! All in all, go prepared and ready to have blast and you WILL!!


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