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A Glowing Bridal Portrait Session: Keri


A little over one week ago Keri became a MRS. and every minute of it was absolute perfection! Now that she’s officially married I can finally share her beyond gorgeous bridal session we did a few months ago, I am OBSESSED with it!! I had never seen their wedding venue, The Greystone, in person before so I was elated to be able to get to see then venue before the big day for her bridals! The minute I walked into the courtyard area of the venue, I think my jaw just about hit the floor! It is basically alllll of my photographer natural light dreams wrapped up in one gorgeous little package!! You guys the glow is literally perfection in their courtyard, I felt like I was in a dream it was so beautiful! Keri was an absolutely stunning bride, she made my job so easy! Seriously, girl is such a pro when it comes to portraits!

Bridal Portrait Sessions are one of my absolute favorite parts of our wedding experience with our couples for so many reasons! For starters, I think every bride needs to have documented portraits of their wedding look! You spend a lot of time (and money) putting together your ‘look’ with your dress, accessories, hair & makeup, and shoes and all of that deserves to be documented to last forever! Another reason is that it gives our brides a time to practice in their dress and shoes in front of our camera, and THAT allows our brides to be super comfortable and relaxed on the wedding day! It also gives my bride & I time to bond as well, with no guys around, which is always fun! I love to hear about the little details you’ve picked out, and the special plans for the big day and all the things in between, it gives me a better idea of what you’re really excited about for the big day…things I will spend a few extra minutes on capturing! Every bride is different as well, some brides are super confident and excited for pictures, while some brides may be a little more nervous. Having this extra session with me helps our brides who may be a little bit nervous feel much more confident and relaxed for the big day! By the time the wedding day rolls around our brides have had two sessions with us, an engagement and a bridal session, so they are so comfortable with us and EXCITED…not nervous to be in front of our camera! It is the best!!

I have so loved my time working with Keri & Nick, they are one of the sweetest couples we have met and we just love the story of these two! Just like their wedding, Keri’s bridal portrait session was just a dream! Keri was such a laid back bride and I just absolutely loved that! I so enjoyed spending this time with Keri during her bridal session hearing more about the big day and what she was excited for! Working with Keri & Nick has been such fun for Daniel & I, we will miss them! It has been such an honor for us to be a small part of your big day Keri & Nick, thank you for trusting us! As you scroll through this blog I hope enjoy some of my favorite portraits as much as we do!


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