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A Glowing Summer Wedding: Keri & Nick


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This past weekend wrapped up our Summer wedding season, and WOW is all I can say! We could not have imagined a better couple to end this season with, we have loved working with Keri & Nick these past months, I knew immediately when I met with Keri that she was our kind of bride a hundred percent! I fell in love with the story of these two, the love they have for each other, and their precious daughters. To say that we have been excitedly awaiting their big day would be an understatement for sure! Keri & Nick have been amazing to work with, and a blast too!! One of the most exciting things as a photographer is the feeling when your couple trusts you 110%, and that’s exactly how we felt with Keri & Nick! The level of trust they had in us and our expertise was so sincere, and that’s something we don’t take lightly! We loved every minute of Keri & Nicks big day. it was perfect from start to finish!!

Thinking back to their engagement session a few months back, it ended with POURING rain and I *may* have used my jacket as a makeshift umbrella too! But even the rain at the end couldn’t have stopped their session from being absolutely perfect, we had a blast and they were TOTAL pros! I jokingly mentioned that rain on a wedding day means good luck, but since it STORMED at the end of their engagement session I thought they had got enough luck and would get perfect weather on the big day! And I was right! I don’t think the weather could’ve been more perfect, not a rain cloud in sight! The day started with Keri surrounded with her sweet bridesmaids & daughters, laughter could be heard all around the venue. Everyone was excited for Keri, and it really showed! When Keri stepped into her dress to get ready for their first look, she looked absolutely stunning. Her sweet bridesmaids made sure she knew how beautiful she looked and surrounded her with love the entire afternoon! Her maid of honor, Hayley, was such a dream! Best maid of honor award to that girl!! She was so sweet and took care of everything for Keri, just the best!! We were ecstatic that Keri & Nick opted for a First Look, it is absolutely my favorite part on a wedding day. Nothing beats the emotions and the quiet time you get along with a first look, it’s the best! Keri & Nick went back and forth a bit on their decision, but in the end they opted for one and I know they loved it!

When we got the whole bridal party together for portraits I realized one thing about this group…how FUN they were! I knew immediately that the reception, and the rest of the evening, was going to be a blast! This group made portraits a breeze, and we had a few good laughs too! Such pros!! Speaking of portraits, since in the summer the sun sets so late, it usually means that when we have a first look we are shooting in harsh sun. As a natural light photographer, it’s something I don’t mind since I love glowy portraits and sunny skies so much! That being said, that  doesn’t mean it’s ‘easy’, shooting in harsh sun is something that takes time to feel confident doing. The portraits you get are just perfect in every way though!! Natural light provides the best and most flattering light for our couples, with the best coloring and smoothest looking skin tones. Crazy that good light can do alllll of that, isn’t it? If you’re a photographer and you’ve never experimented with full sun, it’s something I would encourage you to try and play around with! It takes some time to feel confident with, but when you do the results are just MAGICAL! Anyways, that’s just my little weekly tidbit for my fellow photogs out there!

As a wedding photographer it is always such an honor and so exciting to witness the marriage and unity of our couples, the emotions are magical to witness! However, this past weekend we were able to witness two families become one, as Keri & Nicks precious daughters officially became sisters! It was the sweetest. I enjoyed every minute of these two families becoming one, it was such an honor for us to capture and document! I loved that we snuck some extra portrait time in for Keri & Nick with their daughters, they are some of my favorite portraits of the day! Going into the reception, first dances are always a favorite of mine! I usually shed a tear or two…because like just how could you not?! However, when Keri & Nick danced with their daughters to the sweetest song ever, I basically was using my camera to hide my face because hellooooo, I was *basically* sobbing!! So sweet, I could not handle it! Keri & Nick were surrounded by such love and support on their big day. During the reception a song was played as a dedication to Keri’s mother who had passed away, being able to capture those emotions and that moment for this family was a career highlight for me. Lately, more & more I find that it’s the little moments filled with big emotion that are my favorite moments to capture, the moments that take your breathe away.

I know that each of our couples come into our life for a specific reason, I believe in people over pictures and always will! I know working with Keri & Nick was just meant to be, and we are so thankful for these past few months with them both!  It was such an honor for me to work with Keri & Nick on this journey & on their big day! It’s incredible couples like Keri & Nick that make this career so rewarding and special, and THAT is why I love what I do! Keri & Nick, we wish you both nothing but years of happiness and love! As you scroll through this blog, we hope you enjoy some of our favorites from this spectacular day!


Julieanne Lund


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