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An Elegant Bridal Portrait Session: Megan


Megan became a MRS. just a little over a week ago, butttt she also became my cousin!! EKK! Currently she’s relaxing on a beach in Hawaii and having a BLAST honeymooning with her new hubs! I am so excited to finally share her beyond gorgeous bridal portrait session! Although Meg just ‘officially’ became a part of our family, she truly has been a part of our family for years! It has been such a fun opportunity for me to work so closely with her over this past year, and now I can say we are officially cousins! YAY! She even let me wear leggings to her bridal portrait session…if that isn’t family love then I just don’t even know!! Ha!

One of my favorite things about a bridal portrait session is the time and ability to play around with one of my all time favorite things: LIGHT! I know, I know, I know, I talk about light so much on the blog at times…but truly it is the biggest factor in my work! Every portrait you see on this blog is naturally lit, meaning there were no overhead lights on, no lamps, no flashes or off camera flashes. Just me and my camera working with the natural light from outdoors. Good natural light is KEY to stunning portraits and pictures, it’s not something that can be ‘edited later’ and as a photographer you have to know how to work WITH the light and not against it. Megs original location for her session ended up not working out schedule wise, and I was a little hesitant at first on this location. However, the minute I looked up some pictures of the Jon Vaccari House and saw all the amazing windows and natural light I knew it was going to be incredible…and it absolutely was! It just be may one of my favorite locations for an indoor portrait session…and in the summer that is a necessity for some of our brides and couples!! I think this location was just meant to be for Megan’s bridal portrait session, it is just so gorgeous!!

While we are chatting about my favorite things, another one of my favorite things is getting real emotions during a portrait session, rather than a bunch of portraits of my clients just standing there smiling at me. Trust me, we capturing some smiling at the camera ones. Those are necessary and awesome to have. But we love to capture TRUE emotions and a wide variety of them too! I believe when we’re able to capture true emotions, even if I’m helping you get there as your photographer and coaching you (which we do!), portraits truly feel like a moment capture in time. A single moment that is now able to be kept forever, like time stood still for a second almost. Genuine emotions are one of our key components when working with our clients; joyful, genuine, and timeless is how we describe our style of work and I really believe it embodies us as photographers!

Anyway, back to the gorgeous Megan! I knew Meg was going to be a gorgeous bride, and she absolutely was!! I had blast during her session with her and her mom, it was so fun to spend the afternoon with them both! It was such an honor for me to be a part of Megan & Spencer’s big day, I cannot believe they are husband and wife now! I feel like we took their engagements yesterday, not last year!! It is just insane how quickly time passes, especially with so much excitement around! We will miss working with Megan & Spencer, but we know they won’t be far away! It has just truly been such a joy for Daniel & I be a small part of our cousin becoming a husband and seeing Megan become ‘officially’ a part of our family! What a blast this past year has been with you both, thank you for entrusting us to capture the greatest moments of your lives!

As you scroll through this blog I hope you enjoy the highlights from Megan’s gorgeous bridal portrait session, I can’t even pick a favorite I love them all too much!!


Julieanne Lund


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