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A Blushing French Quarter Wedding: Megan & Spencer


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If I am being honest, there is a part of me thats beyond excited to share this blog…but then there is also a part of me that’s sad. Not like ‘sad’ because I’m sharing the blog of this gorgeous wedding, but sad that it’s over. You see, these two cuties are our COUSINS and we love them! Spencer and I grew up spending Sundays and holidays at our grandparents surrounded by our all of our cousins, aunt & uncles. It was the best! The only thing that makes those family memories even sweeter now is that Megan is now a part of our family too! We could not be more excited for these two as they celebrate their new marriage, but I will miss working with these two SO much! There is no greater gift in the world as a photographer other than when your worlds of ‘personal’ and ‘work’ collide in the most beautiful way possible. I say it time and time again, although I am a photographer I know that pictures aren’t my sole purpose in life. I adore being a photographer and I love capturing gorgeous, dreamy portraits…however, I will ALWAYS believe in people over pictures. Always. I believe that my ability and creativity as a photographer is a gift from God, however with those gifts I believe that we are truly called to love and serve our couples, and well when that couple is your own family it just makes it oh so unbelievably sweet. This past weekend was such an honor for us and I am BEYOND excited to share ‘some’ of my favorites from Megan & Spencer’s big day…all 275 of them 🙂

To say that Daniel & I were excited when Megan & Spencer asked us to photographer their wedding would be an understatement…it was such an honor! This past year it has been so fun to work with them both for all the little moments leading to their big day! From their engagement session, to bridal portraits we’ve been there for it all…and have had a blast too! Even before we ‘officially’ started working with them I knew two things were to be true of their big day. It was going to be a BLAST and it was going to be absolutely gorgeous…and I was right about both! One of my absolute favorite moments of the day was when Megan’s bridesmaids saw her all dressed for the first time, she looked absolutely breathtaking and they made sure she knew how gorgeous she looked! Her sweet bridesmaids made sure the whole day was a celebration, celebrating their Meg…the soon-to-be Mrs. Dussouy! Still so crazy to think my cousin is a HUSBAND, makes me so happy! Megan’s mom was so sweet the entire day, I loved seeing the little moments her and Meg shared, you can tell how close they are! It was so sweet to witness! Something new for me this wedding was that I actually shot Groomsmen prep as well! Normally Daniel totally handles the guys, but since they were in the same hotel I wanted to be able to be a part of some it, and then Daniel took over as usual when I went back to the girls! It was a new dynamic for me to be with all the guys as they got ready, but I really loved being a part of it! Watching my sweet Aunt & Uncle help Spencer get dressed to see his bride was a treasure for me, I loved every minute. What an honor it was for me to be with BOTH Meg & Spencer on their big day, I could just go on and on about it!! Despite the rain showers and even a power outage, the entire day was absolute perfect! These two were calm as cucumbers as it poured early in the day, I was so proud of them both!! I knew deep down it was all going to work out, and it DID! The weather cleared and the clouds rolled away as we prepared for the ceremony, and we had the most perfect weather for their Second Line to the reception!! It was a BLAST!!

With being wedding photographers, we’ve seen some prettyyyyy amazing dance moves in the past years…but we were kind of blown away with Megan & Spencer’s bridal party! I don’t think a single member of their bridal party left the dance floor the whole night! Such fun! The entire day with their group was a blast, everyone was so sweet and friendly to work with! We always love the bridal party, but hey it makes even better when everyone is so FUN! A little piece of advice for the fellow photogs out there, when it comes time for groomsmen portraits if the guys are having too much fun for organized ‘formal shots’…GO WITH THE FUN! I have always gone into groomsmen portraits with that mindset and I would say by the looks of these portraits it has always worked in my favor!! Oh man, my cousins and brothers really know how to have ‘some’ fun!!!

Megan and Spencer, we had a blast all day with you both!! We will miss working so closely with you guys, but we known we will see yall all the time, so at least we don’t have to say goodbye!! Your big day was such an honor for us to be a small part of, we love you guys!! As you scroll through this blog, we hope you enjoy some of our favorites from this perfect day!


Julieanne Lund


  1. Patty Meyer

    June 19th, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    Beautiful picture, looks like all had a good time.

  2. Christy Connelly

    June 19th, 2019 at 11:42 pm

    What beautiful photos! Great job! Brought tears back to my eyes. Love them all!

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