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The Top Five Questions I get Asked as a Wedding Photographer ANSWERED


The life of a wedding photographer may seem so intriguing to some! It’s my life, my passion, my expertise and today i thought I would share with you the answers to the top five questions I get asked…A LOT! So lets get to it!

  1. What kind of camera & lenses do you shoot with? I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, it’s a professional grade camera so it isn’t something that someone who isn’t a professional photographer would really know much about. For lenses, I shoot with a variety of prime lenses. Prime lenses work best with my style of light & airy, yet still true to color. Additionally, they work best with my preference (& my standard for portrait sessions) to shoot in natural light! All of that being said, I feel like it is so important to note here that it is not the camera or the ‘gear’ that makes a photographer. Skills, education, and talent are what ‘make’ a photographer. Yes, excellent professional gear is necessary…however the natural ability to frame and use of natural light are what delivers beautiful, consistent images. Don’t sweat the kind of gear we use, I promise that you’ll look stunning in your portraits!!
  2. Should I get a spray tan? Oh man, I get asked this so often! The short answer, no you should not get a spray tan. If you want a spray tan because you feel like you’re too fair skinned, you should totally rock your fair skin girl!! Long gone are the popular days of tanning beds, and healthy is definitely the NEW tan! As the popularity of tanning beds have gone down, the popularity of spray tans went up a few years ago. I really hate being the bearer of bad news on this one, but a spray tan will always leave you with a hint of orange for portraits. It may give you some color, but that color will have a little orange in it. My suggestion? ROCK YOUR NATURAL SKIN!! Tan skin is beautiful…but fair skin is *just* as beautiful too girl! Whatever your natural skin color is, rock it and be proud! And if you want to add some natural color, I would look into a buildable product, I’ve had great results with a St. Tropez in shower product before (and since I am fair skinned, I stuck with the fair to medium coloring and it was perfect!) It’ll give you a nice glow and just a little bit of color! For those of you who just can’t live without your spray tan, I would suggest getting it a few days before so you have a few days to shower and to let the color dull some!
  3. Can we take extended family pictures on our wedding day? Sure, you totally can. I am your photographer and I am there to photograph your day! However, I really encourage you to think about why you want this. And I am not talking your standard family portraits with your parents & sibs/grandparents, I am talking EXTENDED like cousins, aunts, uncles, and so on. This is my thought process on this…those portraits take a lot of time. And a wedding day is so short, it is going to FLY by, ask any past bride because it happens! Do you really want to spend the extended time after your standard formal portraits that you need, and want, to then go into huge, extended family portraits with every member of your family? If you do that’s totally cool, but you’ll need to understand that those portraits take a good amount of time to line up, call names, get everyone into place (and looking in the right direction with eyes open), and so on. It takes a lot of time. My thought process? It’s your wedding day, you need to enjoy yourself and make MEMORIES. Let us capture a candid picture of you dancing with your aunts on the dance floor, and your cousins sharing cake at the reception. There will be plenty of pictures from your reception of your guests, we promise! Enjoy your wedding day and your reception, MAKE THE MEMORIES!
  4. You can edit that out…right? This one is tough! The bottom line is while somethings can be edited out, most can’t. We strive to create the closest thing to perfect portrait IN camera to provide the best detail, truest color, glowiest light, and most natural feel. While we do edit our portraits and images, it’s a soft edit and nothing crazy to ensure the best quality for our clients. The most natural looking, and highest quality image, will come 90% straight from the camera with just a little bit of editing to enhance & perfect the image. While we do edit out some natural distractions in our portraits that may occur, it’s important to go into your portrait session not relying on us editing something out. For example, super wrinkly clothes will never (I repeat, never) look natural and ‘perfect’ even after hours upon hours of editing to fix them, it’s just not possible. Just like if someone had their eyes closed, or looking the wrong way…you cannot edit that out and expect the level of quality to remain intact. All in all, I will ensure that you look flawless in your portraits and on your big day, I promise! My advice is to just go into any portrait session with your best foot forward with your wardrobe, makeup/hair, and attitude!
  5. What’s your biggest piece of advice for planning a wedding? I mean, I could write a novel basically on this! I’ll try to keep this short, emphasis on the *try*! From the beginning, take your time and do your research. Book venues and vendors that you love their work, but also love them as PEOPLE! I say this time and time again, you work with your wedding vendors one on one A LOT, so it is essential to love them as people and ‘vibe with them’! Enjoying the actual process of working with your vendors is key in enjoying your entire experience, I promise! Plan your wedding for YOU, don’t worry about trends and what others are doing. Pick colors and accents that you love, trends come and go but what you love will always be more important! Take any and all advice from your vendors, you are paying them for a reason and they would never steer you in the wrong decision! The fact is that this is what we do for a living, every weekend, this is our profession and expertise…so trust that your vendors have your back and soak up the advice!! Don’t worry about weather on your big day, you can’t do anything about it so there is no use in worrying about it! If it rains, it rains! Heartbreaking as it may seem, it WILL be okay and your wedding will still be perfect, I promise! Lastly, and I talk about this so much because I just am an advocate for this and truly amazed by ALL wedding professionals and everything we all do, is to love and treat ALL of your wedding vendors like people, not like robots who just work for you. Kindness and appreciation go soooooo far in the world, so just remember that everyone working for you on your big day is a human. I have seen wedding planners pull 11 or 12 hour days, with not stopping once to eat or use the restroom…I myself have done the same. It’s part of the job and we LOVE it, but just be kind to your vendors on the big day and they will love you EVEN more!


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