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Top Ten Songs Guaranteed to get the Party Started at your Reception


The one thing I KNOW to be true about a wedding reception is that *basically* everyone wants one thing: for their guests to have fun, and lots of it! Whether you have a band or a DJ the majority of your guests will find themselves on the dance floor at some point during your wedding reception! After years of shooting weddings, really fun weddings that is, I have a very good understanding of what songs get your guests out of their chairs & onto the dance floor! The best is that each of these songs will encourage different groups of your guests onto the dance floor, so no one feels left out and everyone has fun! One of my favorite things is to watch the reactions of peoples faces when these particular songs start to play…they really are *that* good! Party dancing pictures are some of my fav pictures of a wedding day, because they show how much FUN everyone had!

  1. Boogie Shoes– a true classic and great to play to get the party started! Initial reactions typically include ‘omg yay we HAVE to dance to this!!’ as a guests grab their drinks and hit the dance floor with a family members hand, perfect for getting the whole family on the dance floor!
  2. September–  a staple on the dance floor for any wedding! Initial reactions include ‘okay we are staying on the dance floor!!’ as guests continue to dance tamely and include family members, perfect for the first half of a reception!
  3. This is How We Do It– perfect to take the party up a notch (or two)! Initial reaction includes ‘okay I cant leave the dance floor but I totally need another drink!!’ as guests casually dance and obtain a refill (or two)!
  4. Everybody– the perfect Backstreet Boys throwback to get EVERYONE pumped and on the dance floor! Initial reaction includes ‘no way is this really playing, omg I’m obsessed!!’ as guests continue to dance and remember the good old days of BBB & *NSYNC.
  5. Hot in Herre– just the sound of the initial first beats gets guests excited about this one, like *really* excited and we can’t blame them! Initial reactions include running to the dance floor to GET . DOWN .
  6. Bust a Move– the perfect song for everyones fav time of the evening, the dance off. Yeah, you read that right! It may be unofficial but a dance off happens at EVERY wedding, unofficial or not it happens and we are there to document it! Initial reactions include groomsmen removing jackets and vests, and untucking shirts preparing for an epic battle.
  7. Moves Like Jagger– seriously an ‘oldie’ perhaps but still suchhhhh a goodie. Perfect to keep everyone on the dance floor and for the first 1/2 of the reception to keep the fun going!
  8. I Wanna Dance with Somebody– the perfect song to throw in the second half of the reception when the party is going, because this song gets EVERYONE on the floor! If you look around during this song you’ll see the kiddos, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, friends, basically everyone and their mom will be on the dance floor! Initial reactions include guests warming up their vocal cords ready to BELT . IT . OUT.
  9. Yeah!– another excellent choice to get the party *really* started on the dance floor. Drinks may spill it gets so crazy, but hey is it really a party if a few drinks don’t spill??
  10. Back That Thang Up– this is THE song where Daniel and I look at each other and prepare for whats about to happen, because this song is where you’re going to see some of the best dance moves of the night! You’ll feel like you went back in time to high school or college, but that’s totally acceptable for a song or two…at least to us! This song is actually a family tradition in out family to play at weddings, don’t judge!! It does NOT disappoint. Initial reactions include setting drinks down and preparing for some of the most hardcore dancing of the night!

    XOXO, Julieanne Lund


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