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How to Survive Photographing a Wedding: My 10 Wedding Day Essentials


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It’s a *little* crazy to think that I’ve been photographing weddings FULL-TIME now for going on three years! Yes, I photographed many before I went full-time, but it’s still a crazy thought to me that this full-time, work from home, best job in the world has been mine for almost a full three years now! Over the years I feel like I have finally perfected to art of mastering how to survive photographing a full wedding day, which is usually 11(ish) hours! I’ve learned a lot along the way, but that’s a blog for a different time! Today I am sharing my TEN top wedding day essentials that I wouldn’t be able to function without on a wedding day! (no drama though…right?) I’m not talking lenses or camera bodies either, I am talking the nitty gritty list that keeps me going on my feet for 11-12 hours! Dramatic I may sound, but these wedding day essentials are equally as important as my equipment, because truthfully I would be such a hot mess if it wasn’t for these 10 essentials!!

Please note that all images link to the products website, however these are *not* affiliate links. These are truly products I love and use regularly, my ride or die favs! These are not paid advertisements or endorsements.

  1. Me Too Shoes…basically any of their flats because they are SO. COMFORTABLE. & cute! I used to have to change shoes a number of times during a wedding day, and STILL end up with blisters, but not anymore! These shoes are a God send to me and seriously the best! So cute and they have amazing comfort and support! Hands down, fav shoe ever for work!! 2. Ashley Sievert Glow Under Eye Brightener This stuff is a miracle worker I tell you! Working such long days with a camera plastered up against my face all day could potentially lead to me looking super tired and exhausted, but this stuff comes in CLUTCH and the dark circles under my eyes become a thing of the past! I just pop some of this on over my foundation and BAM I look bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the day! 3.  Victoria’s Secret Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra If ever I felt like blog hit a ‘low’…putting a bra on my blog would take the cake for hitting an ‘all time low’! LOL! Filing this under ‘things I never thought I would blog about’! But seriously, girls you get me on this right?? This is the most comfy bra ever, supportive and gets the job done but is so comfy you could basically sleep in it! 4. Clif Bars These are some of my favorite snacks we pack, and we pack a LOT of them just saying! Clif bars are my go to though because sometimes when you’re hot, and kind of tired you don’t ‘feel’ like eating, but like you NEED to. These bars always have me interested and they are my absolute fav snack to have on hand! In addition, we bring bananas, beef jerky, cashews, nut butters, and of course popcorn! But these are what I always go for!! Peanut butter banana is my absolute fav! 5. Starbucks Iced Latte I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee…it’s just WHO I AM ok?? Needless to say every single wedding day starts the same for us, with a Starbucks trip for big, huge ass coffees for us to sip on throughout the day! And like, if Starbucks ever wanted to sponsor me because I talk about them 374656 times a week on social, like I would be down…just saying. Go to drinks? A Venti iced coffee with three pumps of sugar free vanilla topped with cold foam OR (brace yourself) a triple shot in a Grande cup over ice with light 2% milk and two pumps of white mocha. Both amazing, anyway you put it I just basically need caffeine 24/7…it’s an addition I am unwilling to break! 6. Fitbit Versa Gosh I love this watch!! It helps me look professional by keeping my off my phone to check the time and keeps me in the loop with Daniel if we need to communicate with each other! Smart watches are definitely an essential for any wedding day professional! 7.  Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Nighttime Soak This stuff is magical! At the risk of sharing TMI I have to tell you, I finish every single wedding night the same way, with a hot epsom salt bath accompanied by Canes or Taco Bell, it’s weird but it’s ME! Sitting in a hot epsom salt bath before I go to sleep after a long wedding day is the perfect way to unwind and be sure my body doesn’t feel like a bus hit me the next morning, because let me tell you if you don’t take care of yourself on a wedding day as a photographer, you will feel like a bus hit you multiple times the next day. FACT. And hey, if I have some tenders and fries as I relax in my epsom salt bath well it just makes it *even* better!!   8. Nuun Hydration I stay away from Powerade and sugary filed sports drinks these days so when I was recommended these guys for my workouts it was a game changer! Initially purchased for hydration during workouts, I started using these on wedding days for some electrolytes and hydration and realized it helped me feel like a new woman the next day since I was staying HYDRATED as I worked all day! Love to throw one of these tabs in my water cup and sip on during the reception hours! 9. Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Deodorant Yeah, we went there. With running around all day, I can’t be worrying about sweating and how I smell, so I ensure I always smell fresh by using this and only this on wedding days! Even after multiple hours ow working and sweating, running for second lines and up and down stairs, it works like a charm and goes on clear to stay off my clothes! Winning!!10. Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crem Crayon I have my fair share of favorite lipsticks and lip crayons, but this one takes the cake for a FULL day of work! I put one coat on in the morning and my lips stay nice and moisturized all day, with all day color as well! Even though I am working on a wedding day, it’s still important to me to feel and look my best to be the best version of me! Having this on and knowing it’ll stay on all day ensures I don’t look like a hot mess! It never starts to crack or flake, but my favorite part is that my lips stay nice and moisturized all day! I have a ton of colors in this one, but my go to shade is Pastille! Well there you have it folks!! My top ten essentials for working a wedding day! I hope some of these products help you in whatever way you need them to, I know these products are truly my ride or die favs!


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