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A Dreamy Bridal Portrait Session: Gabrielle


It’s been a few weeks now since Gabrielle has become a MRS. and I am so excited to finally blog some of my favorite from her beyond gorgeous bridal session! Race & Religious is one of my favorite locations for portrait sessions because I absolutely love the coloring and the variety it offers my clients! I love locations that offer outdoor options, as well as indoor options that have natural light! That may be a confusing description to some,  ‘indoor locations that have natural light’ so let me explain! As natural light photographers I use the sun as my main source of light for my images and portraits, with the exception of the ceremony and reception when flash is absolutely necessary and needed. This means that you won’t ever see me using flash during portraits, I use the sun to light our couples to provide the dreamiest, cleanest, and most flattering source of light possible. You’ll also see me turn off all inside lights when shooting indoors, without a flash, and use the sunlight from windows/doors. Race & Religious has some huge windows and lots of open balconies in their indoor locations, so it makes it PERFECT for a natural light photographer, like myself! There are so many factors that play into having a gorgeous portrait, but light is one of the most important if not the most important. You cannot ‘edit out’ bad light, and ‘good’ light gives you the perfect coloring and the most flattering light for your clients! All in all, I could talk about lighting for hours upon hours, but I won’t bore you so let’s move on!!

I have enjoyed every moment of working with this sweet girl and her family! I know I say it all the time but I really do have *the best* clients around and 100% that is true with Gabby as well! As a photographer the biggest compliment anyone can give you, is trust. 100% of it. Gabby, and Kevin, have give us just that! They trusted us for their engagement session location, an area that seemed really ‘obscure’ and off the beaten path, but it gave us the dreamiest light and a secluded location. WORTH IT. They weren’t keen on a First Look in the beginning, but as the wedding date approached they asked questions, read our blogs, went over the options and ended up deciding a First Look WAS for them and trusted us. And it was incredibly beautiful!! When you trust your photographer 100%, that’s when the magic happens!!

Daniel & I have so enjoyed our time with both Gabrielle & Kevin, we will seriously miss them! Bridal Portrait sessions have a special place in my heart, so it was definitely one of my favorite things to capture! And when R & R gets their pup to pose in some portraits…well I basically died and went to heaven!! As you scroll through this blog I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this beautiful session!


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