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An Elegant New Orleans Wedding: Rachael & Daniel


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What a fun time of year to get married!! These two cuties not only had a wedding reception to celebrate their new marriage, they also had Mardi Gras parades! Seriously what could be more fun and more New Orleans than watching a Mardi Gras parade from your hotel as you get ready for your own wedding?! So fun! Rachael & Dan sure had a rocking wedding, complete with none other than a Second Line and finished off with hours on the dance floor! It was a perfect night indeed for these two!

Rachael & I go way back to high school together, it was such an honor for me to witness her become a WIFE this weekend! There is something really special for me as a photographer to watch an old friend from high school be transformed into a bride on her wedding day. One of the truly best things about being a wedding photographer is when people from high school come back into my life for this special season in THEIR life. However, it was even better to see Rachael’s sweet sisters & girlfriends celebrate her on her big day. A bride shares such a special relationship with her bridesmaids, it’s a special bond that truly lasts a lifetime, and these girls soaked in every minute together on her big day!

A highlight during any wedding day for Daniel & I is the First Look, one of my absolute hands down favorite parts of a wedding day!! Marché set such a beautiful backdrop for a first look, all the natural light and tall ceilings with chandeliers, it was breathtakingly beautiful. Dan was so excited to see Rachael, and she looked absolutely stunning! Since they live out of town, we weren’t able to do an Engagement Session together unfortunately; we were all so bummed it didn’t work out! BUT since they decided to opt in for a First Look, they were able to get a mass amount of portraits of just the two of them all dressed up in their wedding outfits, just ONE of the many, many pros of opting for a First Look! These two got to start the party early with their wedding krewe AND got to share some pretty special memories together by having some alone time on their big day, how special!! Seriously those portraits from their first look are *swoon-worthy*!!! Rachael & Dan were surrounded with so much love on their wedding day, people not only came in from all over the country for this special day, but also from all over the WORLD. Yes, you read that right! These two had people come in from different countries to be their for their big day! There wasn’t an empty seat during their ceremony, and their reception was packed on the dance floor all night! This wedding was such an honor for us, to serve those who we know on the biggest day in their life is such a joy!

Rachael & Daniel were surrounded by so many people who love them, it truly was a day of celebration! As you scroll through this blog we hope you enjoy this wedding as much as we did! Marché served as the perfect backdrop for the ceremony & reception, it was truly breathtaking and the perfect location for a true New Orleans wedding! What a perfect day for this sweet couple!


Julieanne Lund


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