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An Emerald Winter Wedding: Francesca & Dalton


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Oh what a night!! That is exactly what comes to mind when I think back to this weekends wedding of Francesca & Dalton! What a truly perfect day for the sweetest couple around, even the weather was perfect! In New Orleans you honestly never know what the weather will do, especially this time of year! So the fact that we had the perfect weather was just icing on the cake for these cuties! When we met Fran & Dalton for their Engagement Session several months ago, we had so much fun chatting about the big day and hanging with you both! We left your session knowing ONE thing for certain about your wedding: it was going to be a BLAST! And indeed it was!!

Hanging out with Fran and her sweet girlfriends all afternoon was an absolute blast, they were all so sweet and fun to be around! Her bridesmaids brought the fun that afternoon and made the entire day a true celebration for Fran, it was the best!! Getting into her wedding gown, Fran looked absolutely breathtaking, and her sweet bridesmaids made sure she knew it! Oh yes, the tears started flowing from all directions!! One particular thing that seriously warmed my heart to witness was the special relationship that Fran shares with her family. Family is truly a treasure for Fran and she shares a special bond with her parents, sister, and grandmother! I loved that Fran had her sweet grandmother there with her as she got dressed, she reminded me of my own grandmother and it just made me so happy! As the ceremony approached, Fran was READY to walk down the aisle to her soon to be husband! Fran & Dalton shared the sweetest smiles as she walked down the aisle to him and truly enjoyed every minute of their ceremony, soaking it all in to remember every second! The whole evening Daniel & I kept telling each other how much we loved Fran & Dalton, but also their families and bridal party!! Their bridal party was such fun to be around and were such a big help during family formals, so THANK YOU for being so fun and also so helpful!! As the nigh continued everyone found their way to the dance floor and danced the night away, the one thing we knew for certain about this wedding was SO true! It was a party for sure! Everyone had a blast dancing their hearts out, and a special appearance from ‘Whistle Monsta’ brought the house down with everyones favorite song, Choppa Style!! It was a BLAST!! The night came to a close with a surprise sparkler exit for the bride and groom, it was the perfect ending to the perfect day for these two!!

Francesca and Dalton, we have so adored getting to know you both and it was such an honor for us to be with you on your big day! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love, you’ll always be a part of our #slfamily!! Congratulations again to you both!! As you scroll through this blog, I hope you enjoy this sweet couple and perfect wedding as much as we do!


Julieanne Lund


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