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The Unforeseen Side of Being ‘Successful’…


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One thing is for sure, this blog excites me…but also scares me. Why you ask? Well, just the nature of this blog is intimidating honestly. We started Studio Lund years ago, it was a dream before it was reality, then quickly became our reality, then it became a success and BAM I was home full-time managing our very own company before we could blink… To say we were ‘overwhelmed’ years ago when we went from 0 to 60 in a matter of months, would be an understatement. However, that isn’t exactly why this blog is ‘scary’ to write, in todays society it’s awkward, as women, to talk about success. Especially home grown success that we create through our own means and on our own terms. It makes people uncomfortable, and at times it can be taken as being ‘showy’. However, that is NEVER my intention. But lately I find myself being caught between a rock and a hard place these days, now more than ever I have other women reaching out to me who are fellow photos, business owners, or just trying to find their own path through entrepreneurship. So whats a girl to do? Not talk about business/success in fear it’ll be a turn off to others, or embrace it in hopes to encourage just ONE person out there to follow their dreams…I choose the latter. Before we jump in, I want you to know the purpose of this blog is ENCOURAGEMENT for those needing it, and I choose to write for those because there have been so many times in the past where I needed that…and I couldn’t find it. So, here goes nothing! 

Years ago, I just wanted to be a wedding photographer. Work with amazing couples, photograph gorgeous weddings, and have a solid career…as a photographer. I never imagined the place where I am now, I am a wedding photographer and all of those things became a reality. However, with all of that comes the intrigue of ‘how did she do it??’. I get it, I’ve been there too. When I first started out, I studied the photographers that inspired me and read everything they posted, I wanted to be just like them. I wanted the ‘wedding photographer, work from home life’ SO BAD. So now here I am, with daily emails of fresh photographers or entrepreneurs asking for advice, recommendations, questions, asking if I am looking for assistants/shadows. And I find myself in the same situation I found myself in years ago…my first question I asked myself on day one of Studio Lund was how do I best serve our clients and brides? It was my number one goal and something I have always felt very passionate about, and always will. Yet today I have an additional question in my head, how do I best serve fellow photographers and entrepreneurs? The only logical answer to that is honesty & education. So today, I’m sharing three pieces of advice for you!!

  1. Keep your head down and get to work! One of the most common questions I get is ‘how’d you do it?’ or ‘how’d you go full-time so quickly?’. The truth is I worked, really hard and kept my head down. I worked through entire weekends, missed many social outings to devote more time to my work & I stayed consistent. As a brand new photographer, I shot anything and everything to perfect my craft. The hustle is REAL as an entrepreneur and you have to be willing to put in the hours!
  2. Love your clients and treat them as PEOPLE. I’ll preach this until the cows come home! Yes, you have to treat your business as a business, but you have to love your clients as PEOPLE and treat them as people, not as ‘customers’. The reality is that there are a million other people trying to do exactly what you’re doing, so you better love and treat your clients right!!
  3. The only vision for your business that matters is YOUR OWN. I learned very quickly in the beginning that although I could look up to other photographers and be inspired by them, I couldn’t wish to be them and I certainly couldn’t run my business exactly like someone else. You have to do what is best for you and for your own business, and be your own person! That is what sets you apart from the masses, so own who you are!

I hope if you’re a fellow photog or entrepreneur that this blog brought you some type of encouragement! My wish for you is to always chase after your dreams, even the craziest ones & to always know how deserving you are of your dreams. Success doesn’t happen over night, it’s a slow momentum that is built hour by hour, piece by piece. Keep hustling after those dreams and believing in yourself boo!!


Julieanne Lund



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