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Behind the Scenes 2018


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Behind the Scenes of 2018 AKA the most unflattering and awkward photos of myself and Daniel behind the scenes doing what we do! This is one of our hands down favorite posts of the year for sure; double chins, awkward faces, and all! Hey, who doesn’t have a double chin every once in a while?? I am hoping that this blog comes off more as ‘relatable’ rather than embarrassing…we shall see! We are going to try to forget how embarrassing some of this pictures are and just go for it! 2018 was such a good year to us and to our business, we’re truly take back with an overwhelming sense of joy when we scroll through these images. These images wouldn’t be possible without our incredible couples who entrust the biggest day of their lives in us, and we are so grateful for that!

The people that have come into our life this year have been the biggest blessing to us!!! I’m THRILLED to show you a side of our wedding season that you’ve never seen before!! Enjoy these snippets of our real life and please don’t judge us. I SWEAR we’re professional!

Okay girls, we are going to go pop some champagne as you all sit on a bed, and laugh, and look adorbs. It’ll be a blast…promise!

Most married couples fight over the TV remote…we fight over who gets the ‘best’ lighting spot…

Figuring out which angles work…

and which angles just don’t work…

Shall we hang the dress over here???

Details, details, details!!!

Good Lord that man looks good with a camera 😉

Daniel always ready with the tissues for the First Look!!

Changing perspective is EVERYTHING for us!

Casually walking away from the guests pre-ceremony to wipe sweat off my face, classy…

Daniels face when I say I want Taco Bell and not Canes on the way home #truestory

Hi Eden!!! Bustling a gown takes all hands on deck!! 🙂

Casual walking and testing light/flashes…

Playing our favorite game of ‘should we shoot here…

OR here???’

‘Alright guys we are just gonna take a few portraits and you’re gonna love it…okay??’

I’m fully aware people must think I’m crazy when shooting…but all the magic happens behind the lens for me!!

Always ready to step in when needed…even as a ‘mock groom’ when testing light! Ha!

I promise I really am a nice person…however these faces are throwing some major shade to Daniel.

‘Julieanne, it’s 105 degrees out here PLEASE pick a location!!’-Daniel

Me ruining Daniel’s wide shot unintentionally…

and again…looking REAL cute too!


Me smiling ,like a total creep, at our bride having a blast on the dance floor!

Daniel showing the groomsmen how to be casual walking down the aisle…this is how you do it, right??

Me asking everyone and anyone where to find the restroom…finally found the ladies who know all!!

‘I have arrived!!!’-Daniel

We hope this blog brought a smile to your face and gave you a little glimpse into our lives!!



Julieanne Lund


  1. Jenna M Whittaker

    January 16th, 2019 at 2:11 am

    These are SO not unflattering! Natural and gorgeous-just like your photography! 😀

  2. Julieanne Lund

    January 16th, 2019 at 2:16 am

    You’re too sweet!!!!

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