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A Sparkling Engagement Session: Angel & Ian


Alright guys, hold the phones. SERIOUSLY. We just need to take a moment for a round of applause for Angel’s sequin gown that I am still obsessing over! Daniel & I have known Angel & Ian for quite some time, so we were over the moon to be a part of this special season for them! We seem to be in the state of life that everyone around us that we know, friends and family, have been getting engaged and married! It is so wonderful to watch some of our closest friends and family tie the knot, and even more sweet when we are a small part of it! When I heard Angel was thinking more glam for their session, I just knew it was going to be SO good! But, oh my word I didn’t know it could be THIS good!!! 

In New Orleans this time of year, you honestly just never know what the weather is going to be like. Seriously, one day it cane basically feel like summer and the next day it’s like the arctics, fun right? A blast…ha! We had no idea it was going to be cold for this session, honestly the weather all week was so nice! But this day it was C-O-L-D!! The sun was bright and warm, so that helped a bunch, but man it was a chilly one! I always love engagement sessions with couples that have never taken professional photos before, or couples who don’t typically like pictures of themselves! It’s those couples who are usually the most nervous, and within seconds of their session with some guidance, they are totally KILLING it! The confidence comes out and they actually start having fun, and guess what? They end up loving their gallery and portraits! It is such fun for me to watch that unfold! Angel & Ian totally crushed their session from minute one, would you believe me if I told you that the very first portrait I took made it into this blog?? It’s true!! Total pros!!

It was such an honor for us to shoot this session for our sweet friends! For a middle of winter session I am so happy with how this session turned out, we even got some greenery! Usually in the winter all the greenery is dead and dull, however we scored some and I think it was meant to be! It may have been a little chilly, but we still managed to get that warm glow in their portraits, my favorite! Angel, you’re my hero for rocking a sequin gown in the winter weather, and doing it in five inch heels!!! Thank you to you both for letting us capture such a special time in your lives!

As you scroll through this blog, I hope you enjoy this sweet couple as much as we do!!


Julieanne Lund


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