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A Perfect NOLA Wedding: Rachel + Beau


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As I sit here to type this blog, the blog to describe and highlight Rachel & Beau’s wedding, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for this sweet couple, that I don’t even know where to begin honestly! We became photographers years ago when realized it was a gift and a talent. However, we became wedding photographers because we wanted to capture the greatest day of peoples lives, but also to serve couples while they’re on this journey of their engagement into marriage.  For every couple that means something different. We could serve in the way of encouragement and support, sometimes we serve for emotional support, and other times we may serve as an example of real (and raw) marriage. Every couple needs something different, and we are there to serve in whatever capacity they may need as a couple, and as individuals. Even though it starts long before the actual wedding day, usually we don’t even realize how we were able to serve our couple until after the big day is over! It was an absolute honor to be able to work with, and serve, these two for their big day!

  Months ago after their engagement session, I remember talking to Daniel and saying “They are just so FUN” and we knew once their wedding day was here it was going to be a party! We were right! These two were surrounded by so much love from their family and friends, so many moments made my heart swell as I captured each moment of the day, I loved Rachel and her dads first look they shared together, so beautiful that her mom and bridesmaids teared up as they watched, What a beautiful, and perfect moment captured in time for our sweet bride! Rachel was a timeless beauty on her wedding day. Her girlfriends were just in awe of how radiant she was, and they made her entire day a celebration! I always love shooting weddings in the French Quarter, it’s so fun and sets the perfect stage for a classic New Orleans wedding! However, one of my favorite parts of the day was the first look shared between Beau & Rachel that afternoon. Rachel looked so beautiful and Beau made sure she knew it, they are just the sweetest The few tears shed from Beau during their first look made the moment absolutely breathtaking. Another favorite was when Rachel’s dad toasted the newlyweds at the beginning of the reception, remarking at the wonderful woman she has become! You could tell that Rachel is a daddy’s girl and her relationship with her parents is such a treasured part of her life. Wrapping up the night with a fabulous Second Line through the quarter made this the perfect night for Rachel & Beau!
   As you scroll through this beautiful wedding day, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous couple as much as we did! Their smiles and love for each other are truly contagious. Rachel & Beau thank you again for including us in your big day, it was such an honor! We are so thankful for the email sent months ago from you mom, Sondra, inquiring about your big day! Rachel, you were destined to be an #slbride from day one, and for that, we are so grateful!


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