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A Glowy Engagement Session: Patricia & Chris


   I know what you’re thinking, really I do! It’s Thursday, so why the heck am I blogging today? Well to honest, I really didn’t know this blog was happening today, but I am so happy it is! Next week our blogging schedule is full with a wedding and a bridal sesh, and the week after that is full with another wedding, and then so on. It’s not typical for us to blog on a Thursday, but I wanted to make sure that Patricia and Chris got to see their beautiful blog as soon as possible, so here we are!
   I met with Patricia and Chris a few months back when they inquired, and immediately I fell in love with how sweet and fun this couple was! After hearing some of the details for their big day and how Chris proposed, I knew instantly that Patricia was destined to be an #slbride! As much fun as I had meeting with them for the first time, nothing could prepare me for how much fun we had with them yesterday evening during their session! Their session was filled with countless laughter breaks, lots of nuzzles (Chris totally rocked the ‘nuzzle pose’), and just a little bit of sweat. But, we wouldn’t have had it any other way, it was a blast! Oh, did I forget to mention it was 95 degrees yesterday? These two took the temperature like champs and totally rocked their session, one of their very FIRST shots from yesterday is actually on this blog! They didn’t need anytime at all to warm up in front of the camera, total pros!
   Although it was a little hot yesterday, you just cannot beat the vibrant colors this time of year! The trees and grass are so beautiful and there is so much color everywhere! We will bear the heat any day for all that gorgeous color in an engagement sesh for our couples. Patricia & Chris, we had an absolute blast with you both last night, the glowy sun couldn’t have been more beautiful for your session, but best of all to capture last night was the deep love you both share with each other! We can’t wait for your big day, it’ll be here before you know it!
Julieanne Lund



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